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If you are a high school senior and would like to enroll in our mentor program that runs from August  through November, to assist with your college application tasks.  Please email with “Mentor Program” in the subject line.

At MYNG we maintain that “it takes a village” and pride ourselves given the circumstances in standing alongside or in the gap for parents, school counselors and administrators and other community-based organizations.  We are an additional resource to assist students on the road to college and likewise do our best to share useful and beneficial information.


Critical to college planning is researching salaries for potential careers.  Why is this important?  It helps students and their families balance what they would be paying for college including any money that may be borrowed vs. career salary.  A student should consider if it is a good decision to attend a school that is $30,000/yearly (4 years =$120,000+) and major in a profession with an earning potential of $42,000, per year.  Below are some tools to assist students with salary searches in the U.S. and by city.

  1. US Bureau of Labor and Statistics

  2. Indeed

  3. O*Net Online

  1. College & University Research

    1. Big Future – Use this search engine to explore colleges based on size, major, application fee waivers, etc.

  2. College Fairs

    1. National College Fairs

    2. Malcolm Bernard HBCU College Fair

    3. HBCU College Fairs

    4. Virtual College Fairs

  3. College Applications

    1. Common App

    2. Common Black College App

  4. Testing

    1. SAT

    2. ACT

  5. Financial Planning Resources

    1. FAFSA

    2. Federal Student Aide


    4. Scholly

    5. UNCF

    6. Tom Joyner Foundation

    7. Raising Money for College

  6. Other Resources

    1. Checklist for pre-college students and parents

    2. Innate Match SearchPersonality Quiz to match students to college majors

    3. College Guide for Undocumented Students

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